2015 W3 Speaker Application

W3 Ottawa was created to be informative, impactful and fun. Its unconventional format keeps audience members invigorated and refreshed throughout the day, so that they are ready to learn from amazing speakers– like you!

 This year’s event will provide speaking opportunities for 8 successful women, looking to help the women of the Ottawa improve their lives: body, mind and soul. Speaking topics must be in line with the W3 theme: women, wisdom, and wellness. The goal of the W3 is to help the women of our area become the best version’s of themselves possible, and your talk should inspire them to do so.w3-ottawa-speakers-2014

Each talk will be done in an 18 minute story-telling format. In order for us to be able to provide the women of our community with the best event possible we require the help and commitment of our speakers. Events like this are costly, and that’s why this year we are asking our speakers to contribute $50o to present their message. Your contribution will make the 2014 W3 our best event yet!

Leading up to the event all speakers will be showcased on the W3 Ottawa event, social media sites and so on. We will provide you with the platform you need to share your message with the women of Ottawa.

The W3 Advisory Committee will be selecting speakers for this year’s event in early June. Speakers will be confirmed by e-mail once the selection process is complete.

Become a W3 Speaker by sharing how you will empower the women of Ottawa in the application below.