2013 Award Winners

Mother/Daughter Award

This award goes to the Mother/Daughter team who are making a positive difference in our community. Through charity work and selfless giving of themselves, and their time, they aim to make the world a better place!

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  • Julia Ginley and Jamie Giggey,
  • Jamine and Remi Ackert
  • Sylvia and Bianca Picciano.

Mother Daughter Duo


  • Sylvia and Bianca Picciano

This formidable mother-daughter team approaches life with enthusiasm, energy, zeal and with a motivation to help others that is rare.  Bianca, who is 14 years old, possesses a maturity and an inner peace that serves to inspire others.  A gentle soul by nature, Bianca surprises many by being an avid … Read more >>


The Inspiring Young Woman Award

This award goes to a young girl who demonstrates positive leadership skills in her studies, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work. Overall she’s an inspiring young lady!

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  • Rebekah Richardson
  • Jordan Merkas
  • Christie Corrigan.

Young Woman Award


  • Jordan Merkas

Jordan Merkas is a 16 year old full of boundless energy and selflessness, a good friend, sister, daughter. A part of the Gloucester Dragons and Hornets soccer Club since the age of 5, she has played the game at a high level, as well as coached it. Jordan has put countless volunteer hours into mentoring … Read more >>


Graceful Aging Award

This award is presented to an older, yet vivacious woman who exemplifies healthy living in mind, body and spirit. She is an inspiration to us all!

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  • Gile Beaudoin,
  • Marie Therese Howard
  • Nicole Sauve Roberts

Graceful Aging Award


  • Marie Therese Howard

Marie-Therese is a mother of 3, grandmother of 4 and most recently great grandmother to the cutest little 1 ½ year old boy.   A retired banker of 35 years, Marie Therese has been active throughout her life enjoying long walks, yoga, reading, line dancing, singing in a choir and spending time with friends… Read more >>


Thirst for Wellness Award

This award goes to an individual who is constantly finding ways to improve her overall health and wellness. She attends lectures, finds resources online, and stays up-to-date on all health and wellness trends!

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  • Pierrette Raymond
  • Christine Eckhardt
  • Manali Haridas

Pierrette RaymondWinner:

  • Pierrette Raymond

For more than fourteen years, Pierrette Raymond has been helping families and individuals sort through lifetimes of memories in order to help them move onto the next phase of their lives. Whether they were downsizing and decluttering basements, garages or attics filled with books, clothing, sports equipment or mounds of photographs what always mattered most was the people, the families and the stories that their cherished items told… Read more >>


Health Activist Award

This award is presented to a woman committed to making our community a healthier place. She regularly shares her knowledge through lectures, workshops, and other resources.

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  • Nathalie Charette-Howard,
  • Natasha Kyssa
  • Ange Peters and Gillian Mandich

Health Activist


  • Nathalie Charette-Howard

Nathalie Charette-Howard is a mother of 3, translator, reiki practitioner and avid runner. She is a strong advocate for alternative health, promoting chiropractic care, naturopathy and homeopathy.  To share her passion with others, Nathalie has founded several supportive, information groups on Facebook… Read more >>


The Sports Mom Award

This award goes to the mom that really does ‘do it all!’ She continually supports her children’s health and fitness efforts; traveling with sport’s team, driving her children to practices, and helping with fundraising events. Go Mom!

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  • Juanita MacDonald
  • Brandi Lacombe
  • Christina Vallee

Winner:  Juanita MacDonald

Seemingly determined to change the “Stay At Home Mom” title to “Mom on the Move”, Juanita captures the essence of that part of all of us that wants to contribute and make a difference. Juanita has a heart so big that she tries to help and include everyone she possibly can … Read more >>

Sport's Mom

The Perseverance Award

This award goes to the individual who despite all the odds, has persevered. Regardless of any curve ball that life has thrown her, she continues to remain positive. This is for the lady that never, ever, gave up!

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  • Pat Mussieux
  • Caroline Bisson
  • Sue Drolet

Perserverance Award


  • Sue Drolet

Perseverance can be defined as commitment, patience, hard work, and endurance. Perseverance is never giving up, even when times get tough. These words definitely describe SueDrolet. She is a three-time Breast Cancer survivor, each time handling the battle like a true champion… Read more >>