2014 Award Winners


Congratulations to our 2014 winners…

W3 Award Categories and Winners 


The Mother/Daughter Awardmom daughter
This award goes to an inspiring mother and daughter team. They set a positive example in the community through their strong and loving relationship and their dedication to health and wellness.   They aim to make the world a better place!

Congratulations, Carole and Lindsay White: This mother/daughter team is ‘joined at the hip’! They share a ‘tight-knit’, loving relationship and are often seen doing things together. Their enthusiasm for life, their sense of humour and their laughter are contagious. They both love to give back and help others in countless ways.  Lindsay is a two-time recipient of the Orleans Outstanding Youth Award for her selfless sharing of her vocal talents in support of various charities and fundraisers, her favourite being the CHEO telethon. Carole spends much of her time promoting health and wellness in the Ottawa area by volunteering, doing charity Runs and participating in and promoting health and wellness events. 

The Inspiring Young Woman Awardinspiring young woman
 This award goes to a young woman who demonstrates positive leadership skills in her
  studies,  extracurricular activities, and volunteer work.  All in all, she’s an inspiring young lady!

Congratulations, Jade Traversy-Mallette

The Graceful Aging Awardangela sutcliffe
This award is presented to an older, yet vivacious woman who exemplifies healthy living in mind, body and spirit. She is constantlybeing asked what her secret is!

 Congratulations, Angela Sutcliffe: “You can go through life as an example … or a lesson.  Apparently I’m the lesson!”    At 60 years of age Angela didn’t expect to be starting over, but after fleeing an abusive marriage which left her emotionally and financially drained, she started to rebuild her life … and in the process is inspiring others on their own personal journeys.  Through social media Angela shares her experience, strength and hope that come from her unwavering belief that you’re never too old to be awesome. The four best words in the world?  “Angela, you’ve inspired me”. Let’s rock our world. 

The Thirst for Wellness Awardchristine tessier
This award goes to an individual who is constantly finding ways to improve her overall health and wellness. She attends lectures, finds resources online, and stays up-to-date on all health and wellness trend. 

Congratulations, Christine Tessier: Feeling unwell, Christine embarked on a journey to improve her health just over a year ago. It has not been an easy process and she met many challenges along the way.  This year she has succeeded in losing 56 lbs, completing her first Mud Run, Foam Run and Spartan race.  She is so enthusiastic that she has even inspired her friends and family to join in on the fun.  Christine’s next challenge is to run her first half marathon this fall.  In addition to being an avid runner, Christine is a Crossfit enthusiast and Reikki practitioner. Her secret is simple – eat clean, keep moving, and believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

The Health Activist Award
This award is presented to a woman committed to making our community a healthier place. She regularly shares her knowledlacitecollegilaege through lectures, workshops, and other resources.

Congratulations, Holly Warner: As owner of The Wild Carrot and a holistic practitioner, Holly is trained in over 100 dietary theories, along with the science and psychology of food. She  coaches people back to health through nutrition and also volunteers her time to single mothers,  helping them feed their families healthier options on a budget and. Holly gives lectures, seminars and workshops regularly and always saves a spot or two for someone who could otherwise not afford to attend. Holly has spent over 7 years training, researching and working with some amazing experts and is honoured to pass this knowledge on to others.

The Sports Mom Award
This award goes to the mom that really does ‘do it all!’ She continually supports her children’s health and fitness efforts; traveling with sport’s team, driving her children to practices, and helping ann decouwith fundraising events. Go Mom!

Congratulations, Ann Decou: Ann’s fit & healthy lifestyle often inspires those around her – teenagers and adults alike. Knowing the key to healthy living is a good diet and exercise, Ann introduced her children (4 & 7) to clean, organic food at 6 months and enrolled them in mom-baby exercise classes.The children are now amazingly healthy eaters and are involved in multiple sports. Ann happily drives them to their activities and watches their progress with pride. She heads to her full-time job before the rooster crows.  She typically fits in her workouts and trail runs (for Spartan Races) while the kids are at school to maintain her high level of fitness while keeping the children a priority. She realized she has become the role model she wants to be when her kids asked to run a 1k race and the Junior Spartan race this summer. They had a blast and loved it!  Her son wants to be “THE” American Ninja Warrior one day. That’s what it’s all about – a healthy lifestyle, dreaming big and going for it!     

The Perseverance Awardpreserverance
This award goes to the individual who despite all the odds, has persevered. Regardless of any curve ball that life has thrown her, she continues to remain positive. This is for the lady that never, ever, gave up!

Congratualtions, Pina Alessi: Pina’s family immigrated to Canada from Italy in 1966 and faced many challenges and sacrifices as they adapted to a new way of life in Canada.  As the eldest of 6 children, Pina had many responsibilities growing up and when her mother began suffering health issues, Pina naturally stepped into the role as a second “Mom”.  Pina is the person she is today because of her Mother who inspired her to fight for what you want and to never give up! In 1991, at the young age of 25, Pina earned her real estate license and began a successful career as a realtor.  The secret to her success is hard work!