Sylvia and Bianca Picciano

Mother Daughter DuoThis formidable mother-daughter team approaches life with enthusiasm, energy, zeal and with a motivation to help others that is rare. Bianca, who is 14 years old, possesses a maturity and an inner peace that serves to inspire others. A gentle soul by nature, Bianca surprises many by being an avid taekwondo athlete – she spends many hours/week training but, as well, trains, mentors, guides and encourages others, both younger and older than she is, at the dojung. Currently competing at a provincial level, Bianca willingly sacrifices her evenings and Saturdays for her training but maintains an amazing work ethic where school is concerned. A gifted orator, Bianca volunteers her Sunday mornings at church either participating as a lector or assisting with the choir. Very appreciative of the gifts of others, Bianca is active in her school’s Leadership program and is always brainstorming creative ways of giving to others and assisting her community. Bianca plans to study conflict mediation and intends to become an inspiring primary/junior teacher, as well as an entrepreneur.

Sylvia has spent many years as an educator at Algonquin College in various capacities. She has taught in many departments at the college and is past coordinator of the Trauma and Addictions Recovery program, the Fitness & Lifestyles Management program and the Crisis Management Human Psychology program. She acted as college liaison for the Developmental Service Worker program for 20 years and currently facilitates an online Abnormal Psychology course across the province. A strong believer in health promotion, Sylvia has taught all forms of aquafitness for many years and now teaches yoga as well. In her spare time, she co-directs a children’s choir and together with her husband and Bianca, has co-authored a series of childrens’ books in hopes of promoting literacy and fostering a love of reading.