Sue Drolet

Perserverance AwardPerseverance can be defined as commitment, patience, hard work, and endurance. Perseverance is never giving up, even when times get tough. These words definitely describe SueDrolet. She is a three-time Breast Cancer survivor, each time handling the battle like a true champion.   2013 has been an especially challenging year for Sue, after the cancer returned a third time and a series of infections and complications; Sue underwent surgery 5 times between January and April.  No matter how difficult things got, Sue remained strong and positive, reassuring her friends and family that everything would be all right and getting back to running as soon as she could.  Her daughter remembers the first time that Sue broke the news about having breast cancer, and how her biggest concern was to re-assure her children that everything would be okay. At the time, she wondered,  “How does Mom know that everything will be okay?” She now knows that her Mom is a superhero, a true inspiration to everyone around her! – See more at: