Juanita MacDonald

Sport's MomSeemingly determined to change the “Stay At Home Mom” title to “Mom on the Move”, Juanita captures the essence of that part of all of us that wants to contribute and make a difference. Juanita has a heart so big that she tries to help and include everyone she possibly can along the way. Devoted mother of two active boys, Juanita can often be seen jetting from her home to one of several places- only of course, after packing up her own children, two nieces, and several of her friends’ children and sending them off to school. Depending on the day, Juanita can be found providing tax filing services; running hot lunches for the school; volunteering to organize guest speakers and events for school fundraisers; attending school council meetings as the President Chair; taking her 80 year old grandfather to church and grocery shopping; squeezing in a boot camp class, and ultimately, on the sidelines of the soccer field or a marathon simultaneously cheering on her children and updating her friends and family on Facebook….did I mention that she is also on the committee for her son’s soccer team?? All of this while maintaining her sanity and a wicked sense of humour!

This past year encapsulates a number of firsts in terms of Juanita accomplishing major personal goals. Among which include public speaking, and placing a greater focus on her own health. Juanita effectively changed her lifestyle with respect to improving her nutrition and diet, and placing focus on her own personal fitness. She committed to boot camp and becoming part of that community…….and yes, even entering, training for, and successfully completing the infamous Spartan Race! Anyone who knows Juanita knows what a huge accomplishment this was. Along the way, she managed to inspire many loved ones to eat more healthily, be more active, and was instrumental in the increase of her family’s involvement in activities such as marathons and obstacle courses. Therefore it is only fitting that she be able to count, among these great accomplishments,  the achievement of the Sports Mom Award for the Women Wisdom and Wellness Event 2013! – See more at: