Yetta Dekker

Who is Yetta?

Yetta is a fun-loving, empowering entrepreneur who alongside her husband Ken, has built a highly successful business and large 100+ person sales team as co-owner of Keller Williams Solid Rock Realty and as the driving force behind The Dekker Team Realty group.

In life, Yetta’s personal journey handed her a one-way ticket to financial destitution, marriage dissolution, estrangement from her children, and contemplating taking her own life, a sad fate that befell her beloved brother.  Yetta’s strength and faith pulled her back from the brink and her life has not only turned around, it has also clearly defined her passion to support individuals on their unique life journeys. This passion has most recently manifested in the creation, in the nations capital, of ROAR Canada (, an inspirational movement dedicated to Igniting. Cultivating  and Transforming lives.

Yetta is approachable, honest, and raw.  In her workshops and presentations, her sole objective is to connect with audience members through conversations that resonate and become a catalyst for what the listener most desires.

Workshop Topic: What you should expect to learn 

The Power of Intentional Wealth

The purpose of this mini-workshop is to provide an understanding of the impact intentions have upon our individual capacity for wealth.  Specifically, this session will discuss:

• The power of intention;
• The four key steps to addressing life/wealth challenges;
• Why talented, smart, competent women sabotagewealth; and
• The identification of common personal “blockers” and their true “life” cost.

Please join Yetta Dekker for a highly interactive workshop designed to re-align your wealth path and set you soaring through the power of intention.

Check out Yetta’s video to find out more about her and her talk!