Marie Migneault

Who is Marie?

Marie is a free-spirited, fun, loving and intuitive being.  Having worked a number of years in the public sector, she made a bold choice to leave and embrace a second career. Marie is passionate about being “in joy and ease”, and bringing awareness to others, overcome emotional “stuckness” and awaken them to be all that they can be. She facilitates courses and workshops to empower individuals to live a more harmonious life: body-mind-spirit.  Marie also has the honour and pleasure of being a Wedding Officiant.

I enjoy time spent with my family, painting, travels, writing, reading, music and connecting with nature.

Workshop Topic: What you should expect to learn

The Freedom in ‘Being Me’

Growing up, I believed that I had to be a chameleon and adjust to other’s colours, choices and energetic vibrations.  It was essential that people surrounding me were happy … without realizing that by doing so I was having less of Me.  On my journey, and only through the gift of free-choice I am always at liberty to choose fear or confidence, anger or joy, sadness or peace.  The freedom of simply ‘Being Me’ shows up in my life as lightness, joy, ease and possibilities.

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