Louise Groulx

Who is Louise?

Owner/practitioner and Reflexology teacher/trainer Louise Groulx is a bilingual certified reflexologist (RCRT) and holds a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. Her Réflexe Santé micro-clinic in Orleans concentrates exclusively on reflexology treatments as a natural therapy of choice for promoting health and wellness. Louise is recognized as a skilled and knowledgeable therapist dedicated to the practice of reflexology on a full time basis. Her goal to educate and promote the health and wellness benefits of reflexology to the uninitiated and provide a solution for those seeking reflexology treatments in the Ottawa east area.

Workshop Topic: What you should expect to learn

Reflexology at Your Fingertips!

The workshop will explain the health and wellness benefits of reflexology and feature short demonstration of foot and hand reflexology treatments. Several common ailments will be discussed along with self-help techniques on how to eliminate them through pressure points in the feet and hands. Documentation will also be given to every participant.

Check out Louise’s video and find out more about her and her talk!