Jackie Leduc

Who is Jackie?

Jackie Leduc has been an educator in the wellness and exercise industry for well over 30 years. She has facilitated hundreds of courses, workshops and seminars ranging from lifesaving skills to all forms of fitness, yoga and mobility classes as well as sessions on stress management, self care, overcoming depression, burn out and trauma. She has written multiple articles on healthy living for newspapers and was a contributing author for the book Passwords: Passing on Words of Wisdom and Hope. She is a guest speaker on the Roger’s Cable TV show called Nat En Parle as well as on the Unique FM radio show Pensez santé with Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp.

Her professional career began as a Physical Education Director at YMCAs in Montreal and Halifax then shifted to be able to enjoy being a grade school teacher for 6 years. She was then recruited to take on the challenge of being the Regional Director for the Orleans YMCA-YWCA, leading the management team during the time of expansion and renovations. She was then honored to be selected as the Fitness Portfolio Specialist for the City of Ottawa where she developed high caliber yearly continuing education conferences, recognized by all the top national certifying bodies.
Jackie then made a bold move and chose to leave her municipal job with all the benefits and security to follow her heart and vision.  She dedicates herself to empowering individuals during their quest to live a healthy, happy, well balanced life. With the right tools and methodologies as well as timely strategic interventions one can release the grip of what holds us back physically and emotionally so that we can open up to the infinite possibilities ahead of us.

Workshop Topic: What you should expect to learn

Ode to the Sacred Powerhouse: Our Pelvis

Ladies, let’s talk about one of our greatest ASSets; the powerhouse where security and basic needs are met, the zone where creativity and sexuality flourish. Experience how can we feel like a Goddess rather than the achy, sometimes leaky, not so frisky person we may have become.
Join me to learn self care techniques and tips to keep our pelvis mobile and make our 1st and 2nd Chakras purr.

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