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Why is W3 Ottawa Event worth attending?

The W3 was created to be informative, impactful and fun. Its unconventional format is sure to keep you invigorated and refreshed throughout the day. Learn about a variety of different health, wellness and personal development topics, and meet like-minded women all while having a blast.

Throughout the day...

  • Keynote presentation by Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp: "10 things that put my panties in a knot".
  • Your choice of 4 interactive workshops with our expert presenters. Learn about: mindset, nutrition, beauty, lifestyle, self-care, de-stressing techniques and much more.
  • Shop and discover local businesses in the W3 Marketplace.
  • Lunch is on us! Eat a delicious, healthy gluten-free meal that is sure to keep you energized and fueled for the rest of the day!
  • Get empowered with solid action steps in hand, after taking Dr. Nathalie's goal setting workshop "Goal Setting for Success"
  • Have a question pertaining to health, wealth or personal development? Forget Google! Ask the experts.

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